Bremco aids calibration for Vehicle Bodycare Centre

Leeds repairer Vehicle Bodycare Centre has gone live with advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration capability, having taken delivery of the Haweka SAD500 system.

Vehicle Bodycare Centre managing director George Boyes has constantly invested his time and efforts back into his business to stay at the top of the game in the light-to-heavy vehicle repair world, with approvals such as Mercedes, Land Rover, Lamborghini, the police and ambulance services to name just a few.

With the addition of the new Mercedes-approved Haweka SAD500 ADAS calibration system, supplied by equipment specialist Bremco, the Vehicle Bodycare Centre is now fully equipped not only to rebuild almost any vehicle on the road, but guarantee that the new safety systems are calibrated correctly following repair.

Customer reassurance is key to the success of Vehicle Bodycare, says Bremco.

“Today’s HGVs are among the safest vehicles on the road thanks to DAS (driver assistance systems), ADAS, and ACC (adaptive cruise control) systems, [but] all need to be checked and calibrated for optimum accuracy,” the company said.

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D Gawthrope ACR - The first UK Mercedes MirrorCam Calibration centre

D Gawthrope ACR

Constantly striving to be the best and offer the best service to its customers.

 Following the installation of the Haweka AXIS4000 Wheel Alignment System and CMC4000 Chassis Measuring System.

Bremco UK Ltd is proud to announce that D Gawthrope ACR in Knottingley is officially the first MB MirrorCam Calibration Centre in the UK.

In 2023 safety systems were at the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry and D Gawthrope is leading the way. The innovative safety feature fitted to Mercedes Trucks has massive benefits to the fleet operator, driver, and the public operating in and around commercial vehicles.

The MirrorCam system offers improved aerodynamics to the vehicle increasing fuel efficiency.

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The Fastest System for the Fastest Agri Vehicle - Haweka/Bremco


Fast Wheel alignment for the JCB FASTRAC


The Haweka AXIS4000 electronic wheel alignment system supplied by UK dealer Bremco Specialist Tools and Equipment really does do it all. Introducing its Agri variant.

By now all commercial vehicle/truck/agricultural engineers are familiar with motorbike legend Guy Martin and his world record in the modified JCB Fastrac reaching speeds of 153.77 mph. with the road/field standard version of the Fastrac reaching up to 60kph on the road. All this would not be possible without correct and accurate wheel alignment. Built in Britain by the constantly improving team at JCB Landpower. The Cheadle based manufacturing site has always been committed to constantly improving the drivability and performance of the Fastrac. Starting with old gauges way back making the best of old technology and then around 2010 advancing to a laser system. With improved results combined with a basic alignment software calculation program things are again improved but could be much better. Early 2023 JCB Landpower made the next step into the electronic world of wheel alignment. With the installation of the AXIS4000 Agri System. This is a modified system with larger Floating non friction plates to allow for the wider tyres and higher tripods for the higher chassis centerline for the measuring gauges. Other than that, the standard system. Now the alignment team can produce fast accurate results with live adjustments. This creates easy workflow and precise measuring. The training and installation on the AXIS4000 is now down to just a few hours and the staff are confident. With instructions supporting the user step by step through the measuring process all the hard work is done by the system.

The three-man team who specialise in the wheel alignment of both the Fastrac variants can obtain accurate readings in just a few minutes from start to finish. The vehicles can be measured on the line while in production or when ready for the PDI.

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